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Glencolton Dairy tested the effects of raw milk vs. pasteurized milk on two separate calves. The results are incredible. Warning the images of the organs are a little gross.


Childhood Allergies – Something in the Air or Milk?

Kids raised on farms are more likely to spend more time outside, get dirty and drink raw milk. And they are less likely to have allergies. But don’t give the kids raw milk, that’s dangerously full of good flora that helps build their immune system and thereby their allergic responses.

Strange Incurable Disease Attacking Children in Uganda

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Strange Incurable Disease Attacking Children in Uganda

I feel like Neo learning about the existence of the Matrix. I can’t be plugged back in. The  article states the vitamin B deficiencies and there is obvious malnutrition in these children. Even if the disease is caused by a parasite, bacteria or fungal infection if they had a proper diet would their chances of improvement be greater?